Planning & Construction

It takes years to construct an offshore wind farm, which makes it all the more important to get the details absolutely right in the planning phase. Furthermore, the planning and construction concept must not only allow for the extreme conditions encountered when building on the high seas, but also economic and technical aspects and statutory requirements.

Under normal conditions, our work on your behalf already begins during the run-up to the planning phase and encompasses the entire planning spectrum right through to completion of the offshore wind farm. Apart from this, we help operators and project companies to select the most suitable foundation and give advice on choosing the appropriate type of turbine, not only from the point of view of cost-effective erection, but also in terms of the turbine’s entire life cycle.

If you wish, we can call on a network of specialists, who can contribute towards individual planning and construction phases. We also find back-up solutions in advance to ensure that we are ideally equipped to deal with unforeseen problems. From the smallest building phase right through to construction of the complete facility, we help to ensure that your projects are finished on time.