Operation & Maintenance

Wind turbines must function faultlessly. They may otherwise come to a standstill, leading to financial losses and, in a worst-case scenario, to the loss of the operating permit for the facility in question. This is why intelligent maintenance concepts are needed: concepts that integrate regular maintenance intervals and proactively anticipate failure situations. This is crucial if operators are to reduce downtimes to a minimum and ensure maximum availability of their offshore wind turbines.

Klingelhöller helps you to develop customer-oriented maintenance concepts. We optimise existing maintenance strategies or devise a complete maintenance concept for your offshore farm. This includes periodical inspections, as well as anticipatory repairs. The establishment of on-demand logistics and storage capacity also plays an important role in operation and maintenance, of course. We prepare maintenance campaigns, conduct tender procedures and supervise the performance of the maintenance work.

All of our maintenance activities are oriented to achieving the same objective: to maintain certificates and operating permits. We help you to optimise the availability of the facilities, lower maintenance costs and reduce the number of hours spent on maintenance work in order to secure a high level of added value.