Onshore & Offshore

Project Management

Although offshore project management is Klingelhöller’s core competence, we also supervise all of the onshore aspects of your projects, such as port logistics. Our work primarily focuses on providing support for companies that plan, erect and operate offshore facilities.

Offshore structures, whether wind turbines or transformer platforms, require a highly specialised brand of expertise. This applies to the planning of logistics and transport to the same extent as the construction and/or maintenance of the facilities themselves. The maritime services that go hand-in hand with every offshore project require professional coordination. Familiarity with the coastal situation, the very particular conditions that prevail on the high seas, and the behaviour of wind and waves all play prominent roles in this scenario. We support you with our knowledge of navigation, types of vessels, port logistics and the shipping business.

Our offshore project clients include project companies and wind farm operators, as well as well-known power companies. They all regard Klingelhöller’s maritime background very highly, because it ensures that they always make the right decisions in their highly complex projects off the coast.