Floatel Management

Project Management

With wind farms now being built further and further away from the coast, accommodating the service engineers on the high seas has become a special challenge. Ideally, the engineers are accommodated in floating hotels, otherwise known as floatels. Although this offers a means of saving several hours of working time per day at the site because the long journey from the coast is no longer necessary, it does pose special coordination challenges of its own.

Klingelhöller is among the prominent specialists in the field of floatel management. It begins with a precise assessment of the manpower and storage capacities that will be required in the construction area. The next step involves planning, the tender process and the choice of floating hotel, the crew transfer vessel, the base ports and the logistics sites.

Klingelhöller is also on hand with help and advice during the implementation of your floatel project. The material logistics, the organisation of the processes on the floating hotel, the port logistics and the loading and unloading operations: all of these are crucial for effective floatel management. With our maritime background, we control all of the processes in parallel, thereby facilitating the productive construction and operation of the entire offshore wind farm.