Project Management

Initiating, planning, controlling and monitoring: Klingelhöller Projektmanagement supervises international projects that require highly specialised maritime expertise. We not only assume responsibility for the entire planning process, but also for purchasing services and components, coordinating parallel operations and implementing the individual work packages.

Regardless of whether your project is onshore or offshore, we will support you throughout the planning, construction and operational phases of your wind turbines. Klingelhöller's activities primarily focus on the offshore sector by virtue of our maritime background. We also supervise the transport logistics for projects or project stages, which frequently present special challenges.

Our experience enables us to offer the practical maritime expertise required for the planning and the construction of offshore wind turbines. Our work usually begins in the run-up to the planning stage and ends with the commissioning of the new facility. When the wind farm has been erected, we help the operating company during the operation and maintenance phase – by carrying out maintenance campaigns and monitoring periodic inspections for example.

Apart from planning and transport logistics, marine coordination plays a key role in the successful construction and operation of offshore wind turbines. Coordination activities include managing shipping traffic to the same extent as controlling and supervising the offshore workforce. As far as accommodation for service engineers is concerned, floatel management has proven to be a cost-effective concept. Engineers and replacement parts are stationed on Ro-Ro passenger vessels on site; their proximity to the workplace saves valuable working time. Klingelhöller has the necessary expertise in this area as well.